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Speed Training
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Speed Training

How do we develop speed?
  No individual are born with speed. To get optimal speed we are required to do lots of hard work and long training sessions.
The development of speed is highly specific and to achieve it we should ensure that :
  • All year round, you should develop and maintained flexibility

  • In parallel, strength and speed are developed

  • Skill development (technique) is pre-learned, rehearsed and perfected before it is done at high speed levels

  • Speed training is performed by using high velocity for brief intervals. This will ultimately bring into play the correct neuromuscular pathways and energy sources used
To improve our speed it is a complex process which is controlled by the brain and nervous system. For example, if you are runner and you want to move more quickly. The leg muscles must contract more quickly. Therefore, the brain and the nervous systems have to learn to control these faster movements efficiently. If you were to maintain some form of speed training throughout the year, your muscles and nervous system do not loose the feeling of moving faster. The brain will not have to re-learn the proper control patterns at a later date.

In the training week, speed work should be done after a period of time of rest or light training session. During a training session, speed work should be conducted after warm up and any other training should be low intensity.

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