Improve My Running Speed
Improve My Running Speed
Speed Training

Strength Training

Improve My Running Speed

To Improved Speed
To produce your highest level of speed and to maintain it, you are require a combination of different types of athletic training.
  1. Strength and Power Training - Your muscles rate of force development or power are largely determined by your muscles. Remember to obtain the highest level of speed you cannot do it without developing peak power.

  2. Maximum Speed Training - This must be included in your speed training. You must improve speed off the mark and acceleration. Moving your limbs at a maximum velocity requires co-ordination.

  3. Speed Endurance Training - If you want to become a successful athlete you must maintain a high level of work intensity for longer.

  4. Sprint Techniques - You need to find a techniques that will help you to move more quickly with less effort.

  5. Flexibility Training - The muscles in your body can only contract more quickly and efficiently if your opposing muscle can relax.
The above are only suggestions to how you can improve you speed. If you want to improve your speed you should find a training session that benefits you.

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